Future Of This Website

Hello to anyone that is reading this! This page to explain the future of my web endeavors.

Sorry for not updating this place for a while. I got burned out on updating this Yoohoo page along with Neocities in general. If you are in the Neocities social circle, you would know I joined a "web gang" host with several different people. It was fun while it lasted, but then it imploded. School had started around the same time. 2020 doing 2020 things.

So the main post of this page. I don't feel like alot the content on Yoohoo should be on it. I'm kinda bored of it. So I will be liquidating it, putting alot of it's content onto my main site personally-comfy. This project started as web search, and kinda spiraled... I learned alot from it.

My websearch dreams are not over though! Yoohoo will stay up. And I still have the idea of one day buying actual hosting and trying this again, with a social function. Who knows if that'll ever happen, though...