Hello oomoox! This is the Neocities Tribune. (Archive)


personally-comfy writing here, and this is the first time I've really ever had to use BBCode, so hopefully I don't screw it up alright here we go

This is the first post of The Neocities Tribune on the little idea known as oomoox.

Here on The Neocities Tribune, we will cover things like Neocities news (like the exploit we will cover later), some cool sites, and maybe even a few website-making tips.

Some actual news

Recently on Neocities, roseknight broke it again. end article

Roseknight found another glitch in the Neocities matrix, with a recent exploit in the follower system. With a single Thanos snap (clicker bot], anyone who wanted to cause chaos could. It abused the kinda broken follower system. It moved big sites like fauxx and exosilver, some of the biggest sites out there, to page 69 of the most followed section. A few days later, Kyle Drake made a commit on github about the issues.
View the commit Kyle Drake made: https://github.com/neocities/neocities/commit/f4d12b625a085965b6198aa635befc452a05deb4
View more about the exploit from roseknight: https://roseknight.org/oomoox/vol1.html