0kie dokie, it's article time again


Some Meta News:

So I've switched from Mace's cool login BBCode post-maker to my own regular HTML.
Yes I know I'm being boring in doing so, sorry. I just don't like BBCode all that well to be honest.
So if you couldn't already tell, The Neocities Tribune is now on Yoohoo. So uh, yeah, I guess.
AlSo, we've got a very very cool button. The coolest button that exists, has existed, and ever will exist.

Very cool button made by Mister Udosigh. He makes really cool buttons for everybody basically.

New Gimmick Idea

I have to keep you reading somehow, right?
Remember last article/issue when I said blah, blah, somethingsomething "and maybe even a few website-making tips?"
Well, I have found a way to implement that into my weekly post without being completely b o r i n g
I introduce to you:

The Weekly Element

Yes! The Weekly Element will my weekly-or-not choice on what HTML or CSS is cool, in-fashion, and totally amazing.
And The Weekly Element is:


Yes. Seriously.
I have an addiction to line breaks. I use them too much.
I need line break therapy. If you don't know how to use line breaks somehow, click here.
As an extra little game, I challenge you to count all the line breaks used in this article. There's alot, even as I'm writing this.