Article the IIIrd



Hello Neocitizens, it is I, great bringer of 'news?', personally-comfy.
I made roseknight a comic so look out for that...

Pencil Poll

I decided to do bring something new. So introducing: the poll section.
And to start it off, I did a poll about the most interesting topic, writing untensils.
And I'll probably never do it again, because it got slightly hijacked and not alot of people filled it out.
Click here to look at the responses, someone really like crayons
Someone really, really likes crayons. Alot. So yeah, probably won't do it again.
Baguette said "if like to note by pen i specifically meant fountain pens
ballpoint can eat my taint and gel pens smudge too easily"
At the time of writing this, I just uploaded the google css for the spreadsheet.
And damn, it's got a huge filesize to what I usually do. woops.

The Weekly Element

And the Weekly Element is:


because it's really important.
Without <a>, navigating the web would be a less seamless experience.
The web was originally intended to be used as a way to connect files together.
<a> allows for that. What would we do without it?