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Virus Sites Exposed!?

You may remember the virus sites from last week. The bubonic Plague, Spanish Flu. Coronaids(???)
But the most successful site to spam Neocities with follows was the original, COVID-19.
(I wonder if more views will come to this site because it has 'COVID-19' on it?)
The virus was even nice enough to give immunity to itself. How thoughtful! It even engaged in banter.
But who exactly were these sites run by?

Several people started it as a joke, essentially. Dann was the one to confess, saying "It's me" when mace486 asked who it was.
"Battyville was Spanish-flu and bubonic-plague. Which is why they disappeared. The joke got old."
It's still unknown who some of the other virus's were.

The Weekly Element

And the Weekly Element is:


Without images, the web would be very boring. And believe it or not, they weren't even a thing until HTML 2.0!
Everybody thank Marc Andreessen and Mosaic.