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6th Grade Me vs. Me Now

So I just remembered this assignment from 4 years ago, where we had to write an 'article' about transportation from the Great Depression era.
One of the topics I chose for the assignment was the now-very-defunct car brand, Hupmobile.
So since that is kind of similar to what I am doing right now for oomoox, I thought that it would be interesting to see what I could write compared to me from 6th grade.
After all, I have a little more brain power now. Shouldn't be too hard right?

Robert Hupp started making his way through the automotive business by working at Olds starting in 1902. He later worked at Ford in 1902.
By 1908, many people had realized the car was not going away, that it wasn't just a fad. So in 1909, Hupp founded the Hupp Motor Car Company.
The company recieved funding and they lauched their first car, the Model 20, a two-seater. It was relatively popular, and became the first car to begin military service.
Hupp felt that the company should invest in new technology and factories, but the investors did not feel the same. Hupp left the company in 1911.
The Model 20 was expanded into the 4-seater Model 32. During the 1920's, Hupmobile actually competed against Ford and Chevrolet, having a reputation for building sturdy cars.
But the good times for the company did not last. The Great Depression hit the company hard. There was an attempted hostile takeover of Hupmobile in 1935.
Their last car was the Skylark, and due to production time, few were ever ordered. Only 319 Skylarks were ever produced.
Robert Hupp died on ?????. Some sources say 1931, others say 1917.

Sources/Further Reading:
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Yes, I'm listing Wikipedia as a source, so controversial.
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