OK, I actually have something to right about.


Meta News

At the time of publishing this article, The Neocities Tribune should have gotten a major update.
I say should because I'm writing this in the past (spooky), and I know I'm bad at actually releasing updates to things.
So, future me, don't make me say "I told you so." Because I will laugh at you. In the past.
Anyways, let's talk about what the update entails.
There is now the option to view the articles seperately, not in just one giant cluster like how it was. This is acheived via iframe trickery.
I think it helps in browsing older articles more efficiently. And it looks better. I think atleast.

Poll II: The Revenge

Click this to see the answers in full (all eleven of them lol)
People of Neocities, I thought I did it. I thought I had made a poll that was full-proof, un-griefable. boy was i wrong.
Since I had made the 'name box' a mandatory question, they had to think very hard to break my amazing plan.
And I'll admit, they got past my genius defenses. One person named themselves pR0nhub. Others typed the thing I specifically told them not to type!
Although this poll wasn't as bad as the last one. Plus, it got geniunely interesting answers.
My favorite answer has to minerobber's, who says he is "reading a bunch of Sonic fanfics because I'm bored and don't have anything better to do."
What a way to spend his time. Which leads to a somewhat-related activity/game I want to give you, readers.
On Google (or your own favorite search engine), search "[your name] the Hedgehog" on Images. Then look at all the cringe.
your welcome ;)

The Weekly Element

And the Weekly Element is:


because i mentioned them earlier and that they can do cool things i guess. that's the weekly element section.
(Okay, maybe starting this section as the gimmick was a bad idea. It keeps getting harder to write stuff for this section.)