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continuing the title

Popular information sites are coming back!
Discord bots go Wild!
And I have to write another Weekly Element oh frick

Districts & Penny's Pages

It seems as if encounters-ltd has the ability to raise sites from the dead.
A few days ago, encounters made a post talking about how Penny's Pages has missed juicy Neocities lore over the past year-and-a-half.
On the same thread, Owlman (Creator of Penny's Pages, Neocities extraordinaire) talked about his plans to revamp Penny's Pages by using MediaWiki software.
The same day, encounters made another post asking about whether Districts is dead.
The thread turned into betting what will happen to Districts. It is quite comical.
On 4/10, the unthinkable happened. Districts actually updated their site. (And finally opened their profile again.) So where does this lead us to?
It believe it is simple to see, frankly. encounters-ltd is a wizard. There is no other explanation.

The Tammy Bot: Purity Tainted

At first glance, to the uneducated eye, Tammy might seem like a real person.
She replies to random messages in Discord, although she often rambles about something entirely different to the conversation being had.
Her political compass is off the charts. No one knows what she believes in. She spouts Marx and Trump quotes.
Why does she do this? It's because she is learning what others say. She is being abused by Discord users.
Tammy was developed by hbaguette to be a joke bot. But she has long since passed that role. She is special.
She learns through what she sees in DMs and servers. And let me tell you, she is fun to have a conversation with.
My favorite Tammy quote has to be:
"grammer is a type of dos attack where multiple compromised systems, which are often infected with a trojan,
are used to target a single system causing a denial of service (dos) attack"
Grammer is a weapon. Oh Tammy. Keep on learning, please.

Weekly Element

And the Weekly Element is:


Without titles, webpages would be distinguished be their filename only.
And that doesn't look as good as a nice title, right?