A Slightly Improvised Interview with Magnum!


pc = personally-comfy
m = magnum

Before Reading:

So when I had interviewed Magnum, it was like 8 in the morning and I was on my phone and- well you'll just see.


m: Howdy, I got a bit before my battery dies.

pc: oh cool. hmm. I haven't written questions yet.. I'm just gonna go for it lol

m: Ooo, off the cuff. I like it.

pc: alright it starts in 3


pc: Hey Magnum, how are you?

m: Pretty good right now, yourself?

pc: Pretty good, pretty good.

m: I understand that the format of your interviews is generally question and answer, yes?

pc: Yup. First question then.

m: Fire away.

pc: Since you are relatively new to neocities, I wanted to ask this. What made you want to join?

m: Well, I've been around for a while, actually. Somewhere out there there's another site or two floating around. What made me want to join initially was the aesthetic. I came back for the community.

pc: Ahh. Cool. You liked the 90's-00's websites mixed with the social media aspects. I guess that is Neocities' selling point. haha

m: More specifically I was interested in the creativity that the site spawns. I love the fact that almost no-one uses bootstrap, so sites are always so much more refined. Hand crafted rather than sheet-stamped.

pc: Interesting. I've got the second question. I've seen you've got on your site 'the vibe zone.' I haven't gotten around to listening what you listed there. So what kind of music do you like?

m: It changes often, but at the moment I've been listening to mostly sorta alt rock stuff, with some synth and lo-fi.

pc: Neat. I'll have to check that page out. Next (and final) question. How did you come up with the aesthetic of your site?

m: That, is an interesting question. I guess, over time, I developed a style. I've always preferred dark themes and high contrast palettes, so the white on black was an obvious choice. Back when I was going by a different name, and actually had access to a stable internet connection I ran a webserver, specifically, I ran a TOR hidden service. That's where I picked up the usage of a monospaced font. The art was inspired by the mountain view from my cabin, which I purposefully limited the resolution and palette for. Finally, I layed out the site in a way as such to imitate the menus of old MS-DOS programs, hence the use of solid white borders and drop-shadows on the boxes, and the invert-on-hover monochromatic palette of the navigation bar.

pc: That's pretty cool actually. I think that wraps it up. Thank you for your time!

m: Pleasure doing doing this with you.:]