Coronavirus, right?


Be Safe Out There, OK?

It is May of 2020. Did you expect to survive this long? But seriously, I hope you all have been ok during quarantine Even though quarantine is lifting (in the States, atleast), please still be careful. Do what Google, everybodys favorite mega-corporation, says:
1. STAY home as much as you can.
2. KEEP a safe distance.
3. WASH your hands often.
4. COVER your cough.
5. SICK? Call ahead.
There is a possibility of second wave. According to Google, my region has 200+ cases and 8 deaths. great.

Poll 3: I Swear This is Related To The Rest of The Article.

Trust me this is related. I recently became old enough to drive (with a parent). I had been waiting for this for a long time, I've always been interested in cars, playing with toy cars and the such. But since we are all in quarantine right now, the DMV has closed. Getting the permit to drive requires a test. Which is impossible to due over the internet. So I have become car-crazy. Researching the car I'm going to be given. Cleaning it. Learning all about it. And this poll is the latest thing my car-craziness has manifested as.
I asked the Neocities community what they thought about cars, and here are the responses.
TL;DR Neocities doesn't feel one way or the way or the other. It seems that alot of the Neocities crowd doesn't drive, whether they are too young too, or they just don't want to. Oh yeah, and people got a little confused when answering the poll, so I'll try and work on my poll-making skills in the future!

The Weekly Element

Remember this section?
Anyways, the Weekly Element for this week is:


Do you like the idea of having your page styled, but hate CSS files? Do I have the HTML tag for you!
<style> allows for CSS to be put in a HTML file. It's good for making a quick sketchup of page. I wouldn't use it for real pages, as it kinda gets clustered.