Coronavirus, right?


Be Safe Out There, OK?

It is May of 2020. Did you expect to survive this long? But seriously, I hope you all have been ok during quarantine Even though quarantine is lifting (in the States, atleast), please still be careful. Do what Google, everybodys favorite mega-corporation, says:
1. STAY home as much as you can.
2. KEEP a safe distance.
3. WASH your hands often.
4. COVER your cough.
5. SICK? Call ahead.
There is a possibility of second wave. According to Google, my region has 200+ cases and 8 deaths. great.

Poll 3: I Swear This is Related To The Rest of The Article.

Trust me this is related. I recently became old enough to drive (with a parent). I had been waiting for this for a long time, I've always been interested in cars, playing with toy cars and the such. But since we are all in quarantine right now, the DMV has closed. Getting the permit to drive requires a test. Which is impossible to due over the internet. So I have become car-crazy. Researching the car I'm going to be given. Cleaning it. Learning all about it. And this poll is the latest thing my car-craziness has manifested as.
I asked the Neocities community what they thought about cars, and here are the responses.
TL;DR Neocities doesn't feel one way or the way or the other. It seems that alot of the Neocities crowd doesn't drive, whether they are too young too, or they just don't want to. Oh yeah, and people got a little confused when answering the poll, so I'll try and work on my poll-making skills in the future!

The Weekly Element

Remember this section?
Anyways, the Weekly Element for this week is:


Do you like the idea of having your page styled, but hate CSS files? Do I have the HTML tag for you!
<style> allows for CSS to be put in a HTML file. It's good for making a quick sketchup of page. I wouldn't use it for real pages, as it kinda gets clustered.

The Rumor Come Out: Does Bruno Mars is Gay?


Bruno Mars is gay is the most discussed in the media in the few years ago. Even it has happened in 2012, but some of the public still curious about what is exactly happening and to be the reason there is a rumor comes out about his gay. At that time he became the massive social networking rumor.

The public, especially his fans are shocked. He just came out with his bad rumor which is spread massively. This time is not about his music career, but his bad rumor. The rumor is out of standardize of hoax, according the last reported this singer revealed himself as homosexual. Do you still believe or not, this rumor is really much talked by people even in a person of his fans.

This rumor comes out to the public and to be sub news topic in the Chicago radio station. According to a CNN report, he makes the confession that he is a gay. Believe or not, but at this time he said that confession, it was Sunday, 1st April which is called as April mob or April fool’s day. At that moment he also talked well that he did not make a joke.

He just said that “The timing is bad, I had not realized that it was April mob, but it has been pointed out, of myself, I do not want to go too public with this”, as mentioned in CNN report he just said. The word of two public makes some people curios in the studio, he was incredibly sad and ashamed of his confession. He is a talented singer and musician, but everything can be ruined rapidly with the rumor that Bruno Mars is gay.

The public is already smashed with the rumor which is hung on their mind. The rumor became the trending topic on Twitter at that time. Especially women fans, they are really disappointed of his confession of joy.

However, everything goes well, as normal as the first time because he came back with his new confession that the rumor was a lie. In fact, Bruno Mars is success to tricked lots of people and made him as the trending topic for world wide. Bruno Mars is gay is just a hoax.

If it is happening for real and Bruno Mars is gay for sure, his career might be terrible in the future. Unfortunately, the fans are already criticized in the media that give a confession as a guy in his bright career is a big fault and to be a guy is a bad thing to be exposed in the media.

In fact, he is not a guy and he admires women as the beautiful thing in the world. It is shown through his first single of his second album of Unorthodox Jukebox which is entitled Lock out the heaven. This song has truly got inspiration by Halle Berry. He admits that is true and he just thought that her fiancée is not offended by Bruno Mars lyric. Now, everything is clear enough that this is not true about Bruno Mars is gay.

Does Bruno Mars is Gay?
Does Bruno Mars is Gay?
Forgot to write an article lmao.

A Slightly Improvised Interview with Magnum!


pc = personally-comfy
m = magnum

Before Reading:

So when I had interviewed Magnum, it was like 8 in the morning and I was on my phone and- well you'll just see.


m: Howdy, I got a bit before my battery dies.

pc: oh cool. hmm. I haven't written questions yet.. I'm just gonna go for it lol

m: Ooo, off the cuff. I like it.

pc: alright it starts in 3


pc: Hey Magnum, how are you?

m: Pretty good right now, yourself?

pc: Pretty good, pretty good.

m: I understand that the format of your interviews is generally question and answer, yes?

pc: Yup. First question then.

m: Fire away.

pc: Since you are relatively new to Neocities, I wanted to ask this. What made you want to join?

m: Well, I've been around for a while, actually. Somewhere out there there's another site or two floating around. What made me want to join initially was the aesthetic. I came back for the community.

pc: Ahh. Cool. You liked the 90's-00's websites mixed with the social media aspects. I guess that is Neocities' selling point. haha

m: More specifically I was interested in the creativity that the site spawns. I love the fact that almost no-one uses bootstrap, so sites are always so much more refined. Hand crafted rather than sheet-stamped.

pc: Interesting. I've got the second question. I've seen you've got on your site 'the vibe zone.' I haven't gotten around to listening what you listed there. So what kind of music do you like?

m: It changes often, but at the moment I've been listening to mostly sorta alt rock stuff, with some synth and lo-fi.

pc: Neat. I'll have to check that page out. Next (and final) question. How did you come up with the aesthetic of your site?

m: That, is an interesting question. I guess, over time, I developed a style. I've always preferred dark themes and high contrast palettes, so the white on black was an obvious choice. Back when I was going by a different name, and actually had access to a stable internet connection I ran a webserver, specifically, I ran a TOR hidden service. That's where I picked up the usage of a monospaced font. The art was inspired by the mountain view from my cabin, which I purposefully limited the resolution and palette for. Finally, I layed out the site in a way as such to imitate the menus of old MS-DOS programs, hence the use of solid white borders and drop-shadows on the boxes, and the invert-on-hover monochromatic palette of the navigation bar.

pc: That's pretty cool actually. I think that wraps it up. Thank you for your time!

m: Pleasure doing doing this with you.:]



pc = personally-comfy
j = jackomix

pc: Hi Jack! How are you?

j: I'm doing well! Glad to be here. :)

pc: As you may know, these interviews are really more a Q-and-A situation. I got some questions about you and your time on Neocities. Speaking of those... Here's the first one. You are somewhat known for having lots of urls. How many have you had? I know the original account was rocketmix.

j:Whew, I've started many sites in the past, both as a main site or for side projects. For how many sites I have, I'd have to guess 6 to 9 sites. My current account jackomix went under 3 renames I believe. It was first galaxycat, then rocketmix and then finally jackomix.

pc: Oh, woops, I guess I was wrong, haha! But what are some of those side-projects?

j: One of them was Neobadges, a project I started with Palutena (one of the guys from Project2). It was basically achievements for Neocities. The site is, though the badge system doesn't work anymore. Though I made my own (worse but working) version at Another project was The point of this site was instead of posting on your Neocities profile, you would post on the chatcat profile. So if you wanted to see some people's posts uncluttered by updates and including people you hadn't followed, you could just hop on the chatcat profile. It was used for a bit, but it died pretty quick.

pc: This is the first time I've heard of chatcat. I might need to check that out later...
You're also known as a bit of a game-maker. Such hits as the cheesd game series and the crayon comic maker are pretty neat. Where do you get your ideas from?

j: Sometimes ideas come to me randomly, and sometimes I try to do them. I'm one of those people with a million scrapped or unfinished projects. Recently I've been writing ideas down whenever they pop into my head. I started a daily game idea log near the beginning of this year (though Neocities doesn't make notifications for updating .txt files I believe) at I also have a notebook and black marker which I use to write other ideas down. There are some exceptions though. cheesd was a game I made to force myself to finish a game. I gave myself one hour to make the game. I didn't finish in one hour, but I made enough progress that I was motivated to actually finish it. crayon was a tool I made since I wanted to make comics without hassle. Though FireAlpaca's comic feature is easy to use, I was too lazy to use it, so I just made my own comic maker program. lol

pc: That's interesting. I can also relate to having places to write my ideas. I have a folder with loose-leaf paper inside that I scribble down ideas whenever they come to me.
Maybe that's a Neocities thing?

j: Maybe. lol

pc: Third question. How do you feel, moderating the biggest Neocities Discord server there is? And I say that while running my own Discord server. haha.

j:Heh. I've certainly gotten better at moderating over time. I think that the server has seen multiple generations, people come and go. Sometimes there's the one member that's active for a bit. There's been times multiple people left the server or moved to another server, maybe even threat to, though eventually most of them join back or they get replaced by new members. I'm not sure why my server always seems to still stand in the end, maybe I'm not as strict as other admins, or maybe it's cause I'm always active on the server. I started my old Neocities discord server in July 2016, I've grown a lot since then, I've lost contact with some people but also met new ones. I'm always happy to meet new people and say hi to old friends, so maybe my happiness bleeds into my server as well. :)

pc: Huh. Cool stuff Jacko. I think I only have one more question...
If your name really isn't Jack, what is it??

j: Only time will tell...👀

pc: dang it i needed your name for clickbait

Interview with Neocities Celebrity Dann!


pc = personally-comfy
d = Dannarchy

pc: Hi Dann! How are you?

d: Good, thanks for reaching out to me.

pc: I've got questions to ask. I studied your site for a while, haha! So. First one. You've been on the internet for a while, I see. How does it feel to see the rise of it's popularity?

d: Yes. I believe I had AOL in 1994, or early 1995 at the latest. However, we ended up getting a proper ISP in June 1995 and were finally able to use the Mosaic browser to access the web. Everything was painfully slow, and it would often time out. I spent a week or two just trying to download some X-Men scans off a few fan sites. It was a new concept, since before this time, you would have to scan things on your own. With the web, there was now a limitless repository for things that you wouldn't otherwise have access to.

Websites were very basic in the beginning, often without even a background color defined (which at the time would display as grey rather than white). Most were hosted on university or ISP servers until the free hosts showed up. Geocities, Angelfire, Tripod, Xoom... I ended up on all of them and found ways to make each one different.

pc: I know you had a Half-Life fanpage, right? Did you have some other ones?

d: Half-Life was the main focus. It actually grew from a few Quake and general gaming pages. One was called AnarQuake, which was then borrowed for the naming of Dannarchy. Being an anti-social teen, the concept seemed alluring at the time. Eventually as the FPS genre started to explode, I joined an existing Half-Life site, which I eventually ended up running on my own after the creator gave up. I spent a few years on IRC chat with other webmasters, all of whom had their own fansites. Typically these were hosted by the gaming networks like PlanetQuake or After Half-life was finally released, there wasn't much more to talk about. The speculation was far more exciting. I sort of moved on in life too, so the sites sort of died out.

pc: So what did you do after the your time on Geocities and other free hosts? What led you to Neocities?

d: So my first personal site was on my ISP's server. It was just a page of links. Then there were the gaming ones for a few years, but I eventually circled back and created a new personal site once buying a domain name became easier (and less expensive). I paid for a host at this point, which gave me more space and features. One of the key benefits was the ability to include header and footer files dynamically, so you could share layouts across all pages. This saved an enormous amount of effort, especially if you had to go back and change something. Around this time, I started experimenting with server side scripting too. By installing Windows NT Option Pack 3, you could play around with ASP and Access databases. I first started by cataloging my CD library, but then moved onto 'news scripting' which I guess we would call blogs now.

As part of a college project, I created a large system that combined forums, image posting, news, catalogs, and user profiles. I essentially had a social media platform going back to 2002, which allowed my real-life friends to keep in touch. The group of us used to make movies, so I also created a few sites for those. Video on the web would still be years away though, so they didn't serve as much of a purpose for quite some time.

There were plenty of other sites that I made after that, but the nostalgia for the early web hit that magic 20-year rule. I was informed about Neocities by Batty of Battyville, and I loved what I saw. I couldn't believe that there were so many 90's styled sites that were actually contemporary. At first, my goal was to create the most garish and annoying site possible - one that would be edgy in the way only an angsty teen could be. But my time creating all of the sites over the years pushed me to actually put some time into it. Hopefully it comes off as rough around the edges, despite the coding that went on behind the scenes.

pc: Interesting. Let it be known, I really like your site. Specifically how it goes far back in time, to what must be the farthest back archives of your time creating things. Images and sites you made while growing up. How did you keep track of it all? Were you planning on making Dannarchy in the 90's, haha?

d: I'm seriously OCD when it comes to archiving. I've probably spent more time digging up old things, than I spent creating them in the first place. I'm happy than many things survived over the years. There was a time when I only had a 200Mb harddrive, and there were limited options for off-loading the content. Over time, I've saved things on 5.25" floppies, 2.5" diskettes, Zip Drives, and finally CD/DVD+R's. Eventually I invested in a Drobo which allowed me to simple add a few harddrives and have all my files in one place. I dug through all of the old media and started organizing them by year. I'm sure some things have gotten lost, but from what remains, I have e-coloring book files from 1988, those X-Men downloads from 1995, MS Paint images from the early 90's, digital photos from 2000, and even all the webcam snapshots that were uploaded to my school server for a cam portal (those were a thing before girls started using them to get Amazon wishlist items).

Once I started Dannarchy, I found that it would be a good place to finally display everything that I've archived. So I've slowly been adding pages dedicated to distinct groups of media, with each trying to showcase how I would have experienced them. For my early digital photos, I have them displayed on the Kodak camera that I used to own. For the X-Men images, I have them in s scattered pile of the binder of cards that I used to collect. For the Disney animation studio, I simulated the DOS batch file I created to loop through them all. I had a lot more to go, I just need to find more time!

Recently, I also started a project where I would rehost every site that I've had my hands on since the beginning. It was a minor miracle that I still had most of them. I even found the first .html file that I played around with, making sense of the hypertext tags. I tracked down the images that were used, and got everything linked up again so they would appear as they once would. I even found a few that I had no memory of, which was unsettling - AnarQuake was one. Ironcially the only one I was missing outright - and had to rely on the WayBack Machine - was my Geocities page. Luckily I found theURL handwritten in a binder, and was able to rescue 90% of it.

pc: Now that is a show of dedication if I have ever seen one. I think this about wraps it up. I've only got one more thing to say...

I absolutely destroyed Text Adventure and found your Oakley's. :)

d: Don't scratch them!

pc: Ha. End scene.

d: Thanks, so much, this has been fun.

pc:You're Welcome!

On Tonights Episode of Top Gear.


continuing the title

Popular information sites are coming back!
Discord bots go Wild!
And I have to write another Weekly Element oh frick
*cue theme song*

Districts & Penny's Pages

It seems as if encounters-ltd has the ability to raise sites from the dead.
A few days ago, encounters made a post talking about how Penny's Pages has missed juicy Neocities lore over the past year-and-a-half.
On the same thread, Owlman (Creator of Penny's Pages, Neocities extraordinaire) talked about his plans to revamp Penny's Pages by using MediaWiki software.
The same day, encounters made another post asking about whether Districts is dead.
The thread turned into betting what will happen to Districts. It is quite comical.
On 4/10, the unthinkable happened. Districts actually updated their site. (And finally opened their profile again.) So where does this lead us to?
It believe it is simple to see, frankly. encounters-ltd is a wizard. There is no other explanation.

The Tammy Bot: Purity Tainted

At first glance, to the uneducated eye, Tammy might seem like a real person.
She replies to random messages in Discord, although she often rambles about something entirely different to the conversation being had.
Her political compass is off the charts. No one knows what she believes in. She spouts Marx and Trump quotes.
Why does she do this? It's because she is learning what others say. She is being abused by Discord users.
Tammy was developed by hbaguette to be a joke bot. But she has long since passed that role. She is special.
She learns through what she sees in DMs and servers. And let me tell you, she is fun to have a conversation with.
My favorite Tammy quote has to be:
"grammer is a type of dos attack where multiple compromised systems, which are often infected with a trojan,
are used to target a single system causing a denial of service (dos) attack"
Grammer is a weapon. Oh Tammy. Keep on learning, please.

Weekly Element

And the Weekly Element is:


Without titles, webpages would be distinguished be their filename only.
And that doesn't look as good as a nice title, right?

OK, I actually have something to write about.


Meta News

At the time of publishing this article, The Neocities Tribune should have gotten a major update.
I say should because I'm writing this in the past (spooky), and I know I'm bad at actually releasing updates to things.
So, future me, don't make me say "I told you so." Because I will laugh at you. In the past.
Anyways, let's talk about what the update entails.
There is now the option to view the articles seperately, not in just one giant cluster like how it was. This is acheived via iframe trickery.
I think it helps in browsing older articles more efficiently. And it looks better. I think atleast.

Poll II: The Revenge

Click this to see the answers in full (all eleven of them lol)
People of Neocities, I thought I did it. I thought I had made a poll that was full-proof, un-griefable. boy was i wrong.
Since I had made the 'name box' a mandatory question, they had to think very hard to break my amazing plan.
And I'll admit, they got past my genius defenses. One person named themselves pR0nhub. Others typed the thing I specifically told them not to type!
Although this poll wasn't as bad as the last one. Plus, it got geniunely interesting answers.
My favorite answer has to minerobber's, who says he is "reading a bunch of Sonic fanfics because I'm bored and don't have anything better to do."
What a way to spend his time. Which leads to a somewhat-related activity/game I want to give you, readers.
On Google (or your own favorite search engine), search "[your name] the Hedgehog" on Images. Then look at all the cringe.
your welcome ;)

The Weekly Element

And the Weekly Element is:


because i mentioned them earlier and that they can do cool things i guess. that's the weekly element section.
(Okay, maybe starting this section as the gimmick was a bad idea. It keeps getting harder to write stuff for this section.)

Oh God, what do I right about?


6th Grade Me vs. Me Now

So I just remembered this assignment from 4 years ago, where we had to write an 'article' about transportation from the Great Depression era.
One of the topics I chose for the assignment was the now-very-defunct car brand, Hupmobile.
So since that is kind of similar to what I am doing right now for oomoox, I thought that it would be interesting to see what I could write compared to me from 6th grade.
After all, I have a little more brain power now. Shouldn't be too hard right?

Robert Hupp started making his way through the automotive business by working at Olds starting in 1902. He later worked at Ford in 1902.
By 1908, many people had realized the car was not going away, that it wasn't just a fad. So in 1909, Hupp founded the Hupp Motor Car Company.
The company recieved funding and they lauched their first car, the Model 20, a two-seater. It was relatively popular, and became the first car to begin military service.
Hupp felt that the company should invest in new technology and factories, but the investors did not feel the same. Hupp left the company in 1911.
The Model 20 was expanded into the 4-seater Model 32. During the 1920's, Hupmobile actually competed against Ford and Chevrolet, having a reputation for building sturdy cars.
But the good times for the company did not last. The Great Depression hit the company hard. There was an attempted hostile takeover of Hupmobile in 1935.
Their last car was the Skylark, and due to production time, few were ever ordered. Only 319 Skylarks were ever produced.
Robert Hupp died on ?????. Some sources say 1931, others say 1917.

Sources/Further Reading:
Hupmobile History
Yes, I'm listing Wikipedia as a source, so controversial.
History 101: The Hupmobile

The Weekly Element

And The Weekly Element award goes to:


Thats right. <footer> Who the heck gives a frick about <footer>
(I really just couldn't think of something interesting to put this week, sorry.)
Everyone, look! It's <footer> The tag/element that literally does nothing.
To my knowledge, it's basically one of those <div> knockoffs. Then why don't you just use <div>?!?
Maybe it's used in search engines? I don't know...

Neocities Tribune: Consistently On-Time


Virus Sites Exposed!?

You may remember the virus sites from last week. The bubonic Plague, Spanish Flu. Coronaids(???)
But the most successful site to spam Neocities with follows was the original, COVID-19.
(I wonder if more views will come to this site because it has 'COVID-19' on it?)
The virus was even nice enough to give immunity to itself. How thoughtful! It even engaged in banter.
But who exactly were these sites run by?

Several people started it as a joke, essentially. Dann was the one to confess, saying "It's me" when mace486 asked who it was.
"Battyville was Spanish-flu and bubonic-plague. Which is why they disappeared. The joke got old."
It's still unknown who some of the other virus's were.

The Weekly Element

And the Weekly Element is:


Without images, the web would be very boring. And believe it or not, they weren't even a thing until HTML 2.0!
Everybody thank Marc Andreessen and Mosaic.

Article the IIIrd



Hello Neocitizens, it is I, great bringer of 'news?', personally-comfy.
I made roseknight a comic so look out for that...

Pencil Poll

I decided to do bring something new. So introducing: the poll section.
And to start it off, I did a poll about the most interesting topic, writing untensils.
And I'll probably never do it again, because it got slightly hijacked and not alot of people filled it out.
Click here to look at the responses, someone really like crayons
Someone really, really likes crayons. Alot. So yeah, probably won't do it again.
Baguette said "if like to note by pen i specifically meant fountain pens
ballpoint can eat my taint and gel pens smudge too easily"
At the time of writing this, I just uploaded the google css for the spreadsheet.
And damn, it's got a huge filesize to what I usually do. woops.

The Weekly Element

And the Weekly Element is:


because it's really important.
Without <a>, navigating the web would be a less seamless experience.
The web was originally intended to be used as a way to connect files together.
<a> allows for that. What would we do without it?

0kie dokie, it's article time again


Some Meta News:

So I've switched from Mace's cool login BBCode post-maker to my own regular HTML.
Yes I know I'm being boring in doing so, sorry. I just don't like BBCode all that well to be honest.
So if you couldn't already tell, The Neocities Tribune is now on Yoohoo. So uh, yeah, I guess.
AlSo, we've got a very very cool button. The coolest button that exists, has existed, and ever will exist.

Very cool button made by Mister Udosigh. He makes really cool buttons for everybody basically.

New Gimmick Idea

I have to keep you reading somehow, right?
Remember last article/issue when I said blah, blah, somethingsomething "and maybe even a few website-making tips?"
Well, I have found a way to implement that into my weekly post without being completely b o r i n g
I introduce to you:

The Weekly Element

Yes! The Weekly Element will my weekly-or-not choice on what HTML or CSS is cool, in-fashion, and totally amazing.
And The Weekly Element is:


Yes. Seriously.
I have an addiction to line breaks. I use them too much.
I need line break therapy. If you don't know how to use line breaks somehow, click here.
As an extra little game, I challenge you to count all the line breaks used in this article. There's alot, even as I'm writing this.

Hello oomoox! This is the Neocities Tribune. (Archive)


personally-comfy writing here, and this is the first time I've really ever had to use BBCode, so hopefully I don't screw it up alright here we go

This is the first post of The Neocities Tribune on the little idea known as oomoox.

Here on The Neocities Tribune, we will cover things like Neocities news (like the exploit we will cover later), some cool sites, and maybe even a few website-making tips.

Some actual news

Recently on Neocities, roseknight broke it again. end article

Roseknight found another glitch in the Neocities matrix, with a recent exploit in the follower system. With a single Thanos snap (clicker bot], anyone who wanted to cause chaos could. It abused the kinda broken follower system. It moved big sites like fauxx and exosilver, some of the biggest sites out there, to page 69 of the most followed section. A few days later, Kyle Drake made a commit on github about the issues.
View the commit Kyle Drake made:
View more about the exploit from roseknight: